Gas Pack Pre-Rolls

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Gas Pack: WCC OG, SFV OG, Skywalker OG



West Coast Cure’s Gas Pack offers a 3-Jay selection of Cured Joints. Rolled from the best quality OGs available, this trio of 1 gram joints represents a high-octane explosion of fuel filled OGs that pack as much punch as they do petrol flavor.  As the name implies, Gas Pack’s three different OG strains are a gassy way to fuel your day, as well as kick start your night!


The WCC Gas Pack Includes:

1 gram WCC OG Cured Joint – Lemon flavor; pine-sol aroma; mentally stimulating, physically relaxing

1 gram SFV OG Cured Joint – Classic OG flavor; gassy, pine and lemon aroma; emotionally uplifting, psychologically soothing, physically energetic

1 gram Skywalker OG Cured Joint – Citrus and lemon flavor; skunk, pine and lemon aroma; mentally and physically relaxing


* West Coast Cure Cured Joints are tested in compliance with California’s Bureau of Cannabis Control requirements.

3 reviews for Gas Pack Pre-Rolls

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    Noon greater!

    Marijuana Mart ain’t the best because of their strands (which are fire too), instead they are the greatest because they vary all the other great growers/distributors in the game. The sales have put them over the top so expensive to cheap smokers can smoke good good!

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      Thanks for the review!

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    Great customer service love how are the works there are so knowledgeable about ever ! The thc lotin is everything

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    i order 24 rerolls before and receive 23 prerolls instead

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